CEO Personas

Hypergrowth Hannah Growth Accelerating Beyond Her Team
Sprinting to keep team on pace with accelerating scale.

Company: Disruptive On-line Publisher

Situation: Sustained double-digit growth, nearly swamping the company

Pivotal services:

  • Technology track: Implemented new software, with integration & automation
  • Organizational track: Developed reorg plan, redefined jobs to eliminate silos

Impact: Smaller team supported larger and growing volumes

Fearless Fred Growth Beginning to Stall
Determined but isolated, working to brute-force the company to the next level.

Company: Second-Generation Family Business

Situation: Contracting market and escalating costs yield multi-million dollar current-year loss

Pivotal services:

  • Developed product margin model
  • Defined right-sizing plan to reach break-even in 6 months
    – Drove a 40%+ reduction in IT staffing & overall spend
    – Slashed active projects from three dozen to three
  • Created rigorous investment payback model

Impact: From $2.2 million projected loss to breakeven in 6 months

Re-up Renee Losing Altitude, Downward Spiral
With plummeting revenues, needs to re-up team to scale the next peak.

Company: Collaboration Software Start-up

Situation: Weak sales and staff exodus had pushed this start-up to the brink

Pivotal services:

  • Drove an operational turn-around
  • Created new IP to gain a unique competitive advantage
  • Mentored and guided young management team

Impact: From near-death to record revenues, in less than a year

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