Not every company needs a COO, fractional or full time.  Ask yourself the following questions to see what makes sense for you:

Criteria Question Comment
Minimum requirements: Does your company have all of the following: customers, revenue, and teams of people in multiple roles? If yes, congratulations on the success you have achieved so far!
Standard or bespoke: Do you provide a defined set of products and/or services, versus a customized solution for each customer? If yes, then your business is a strong candidate to move up the scale continuum: staff specialization, process automation, and system integration.
Leadership team: Is your company’s executive leadership a team of one (you) … or not a team of (your) equals? If yes, then the addition of a senior peer-partner could make you a lot more effective – and your job a lot more fun.

What size companies are a best fit for a Fractional COO?

See chart below for Pivotal focus.

Many CEOs don’t realize that “fractional” is an option for senior-level operational leadership. Similar to the much more prevalent Fractional CFOs, a Fractional COO brings you a peer partner who fits your company’s stage and budget. Even better, the fractional engagement sharpens everyone’s focus on what is most critical right now.

Pivotal’s pricing model is typically based on a fixed fee that provides predictable costs. This also includes options for some portion of success-based fees and non-cash compensation tailored to your risk tolerance.

Anywhere from a few weeks for a focused assessment, to one or more years for Fractional COO roles.

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