Case Studies

Creating A Competitive Advantage For A Leading Tech Support Service Provider

The Problem: Low customer satisfaction a threat to retaining business.
The Action: We designed and implemented a custom system combined with a new Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQIP).
The Impact: Achieved and sustained top ratings among all providers, retained business for 5+ years.
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Streamlining Grant Processes For A Community Foundation Through Self-Serve Portals And Online Tracking

The Problem: A high volume of paper applications, key impact data not available in the client’s system.
The Action: We integrated commercial and custom applications, including web portals to eliminate paper and rekeying.
The Impact: The staff data-entry burden was eliminated, with rich data now available for reports and analyses.
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Migrating Property Investment & Management Company to The Cloud

The Problem: The client’s legacy DOS system was hard to learn, inefficient, and woefully obsolete.
The Action: We recommended a new web-based application, which was both easy to learn, intuitive, quick to use, and efficient.
The Impact: Real flexibility to bring in new staff and get them productive quickly.
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Ramping Up Sales Productivity for the Wealth Management Division of a Fortune 250 Company

The Problem: Companies merged, but the individual corporate systems were still separate, with no integration of information or processes.
The Action: We deployed, then integrated with multiple back-end systems, and customized to enforce their new combined sales process.
The Impact: High adoption by sales and support teams; sales and executive management now have immediate access to latest activities and sales results.
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Tranforming Shipping Operations Through a New Plant With Improved Processes

The Problem: A multi-step, disconnected process caused extended delays in product shipping timeframes and revenue collection.
The Action: Relocated to modern, high-capacity facility, installed shipping automation systems, and implemented real-time integration with existing order processing software.
The Impact: Radically accelerated shipping times, from10 days to next day. Icing on the cake: 20% reduction in annual lease costs.
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