Technology Strategy – Can you focus on execution, share competitive intelligence, monitor and assess progress, or drive for innovation? Pivotal Consulting offers a range of service deliverables.

Needs Assessment, Planning & Vendor Selection – Do you have the time to document your organization’s detailed requirements and survey the market for potential vendors? Can you develop an RFP, analyze the responses, hire and manage the right vendors, and coordinate all the internal and external resources required to complete the project? A-to-Z management is one of the services for which hiring Pivotal is critical.

Commercial Software Implementation & Deployment – Overall project management takes time, planning, coordination, communication, and above all, expertise. We can provide a single point of contact.

Custom Software Design & Development- We draw on our extensive experience with cloud platforms and on-premise software products to design a custom solution that fits seamlessly with the other applications your company uses.

Business Process Optimization – We transform operational delivery and accelerate the results, sometimes cutting days from the original process.

Customer Satisfaction & Quality Improvement – Find out why the founder of Pivotal Consulting is a highly rated speaker.

Interim Executive – When organizations need significant change, they often need additional C-Level management for a limited period of time.  Whether your need is to drive a transformative initiative or staff a management vacancy, Pivotal can provide the interim leadership you need.