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Software Solutions that Optimize Your Operations.

When you are looking for new software to run your company, you face a lot of choices. Working with Pivotal, you can be confident of making the best choice and achieving the results you seek. Our deep expertise in Operations, Finance, and Information Technology provides a unique vision to complete your project –– on strategy, on time, and on budget.

Benefits of working with Pivotal include making complex technology decisions simple, enabling you to generate better data to support corporate decision-making, streamlining your operations, and enhancing employee’s jobs by letting them work smarter, not harder. When it’s mission-critical, call Pivotal at 510-599-7158.

Services Overview

Our technology services at a glance.

  • Developing a technology strategy
  • Assessing organizational needs
  • Researching potential vendors and products
  • Developing comprehensive RFPs
  • Business process reengineering and optimization
  • Evaluating and managing vendors
  • Designing and developing custom software
  • Reegineering and optimizing business processes

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Featured Case Study

An email response success story.

The Problem: The company was a pioneering provider of email customer support. It launched when over half the email sent to most large companies never received a reply.

The Solution: Our performance dashboard improved customer satisfaction from worst to first in six months.

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