The Company:

This organization was a pioneering provider of email customer support. It launched at a time in the industry when over half the email sent to most large companies never received a reply.

The Problem:

As one of six outsourced providers to a top computer manufacturer, this company was delivering on its promise to answer 95% of all email within 24 hours, but falling far short of customer expectations for quality.

How bad was the problem? This company consistently scored the lowest customer satisfaction (CSat) ratings of all six outsourced providers.

Every email response from the company included a survey link to which tens of thousands of customers had responded. However, other than a cursory monthly report to management, little was done with the customer feedback and none was shared with the front line teams.

The Solution:

Working first with raw data extracts manipulated in Excel, we analyzed the score data by issue, product, and other criteria. Our first attack was the issues with highest volume and lowest CSat scores.

Team leaders drilled in to read the detailed comments and determine a fix. In some cases, the company’s reps needed more training; in other cases, the reps needed to anticipate the next step that the customer would take, and include that answer to increase the likelihood that the issue would be resolved in one contact. That’s when CSat scores started to rise.

“The personalized performance dashboard kept customer feedback front and center for everyone at the company, from the newest front-line rep to the management team, and that propelled this company from worst to first in six months.”

We then worked with the development team to:

  • Design and implement a personalized performance dashboard.
  • Ensure that each rep, upon signing in for a shift, could see personal stats: quantity, quality, and

CSat scores, plus team scores, group scores, scores of other teams.

We maintained momentum through a new Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQIP), working our way through the existing and newly emerging issues to achieve continually improving results.

The Impact:

The results were a stunning transformation. The Company moved from worst to first in six months and continually maintained its top position! The combination of the new web portal and the sustained focus on improvement created a unique and lasting competitive advantage over all the other suppliers in this market.

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