The Company:

The client was a Northern California-based property investment and management company that wanted to expand to new markets.

The Problem:

Tasked with tracking 2,700 apartment units and 30,000 lease payments, the client had:

  • A closed, inflexible, hopelessly outdated DOS system, which was hard to learn and even slower to use.
  • An in-house team without the bandwidth to drive the project to completion.
The Solution:

We looked at the big picture for this property management company and considered the project’s overall goals, including:

  • Improving asset performance and decision-making through better access to data and analysis
  • Increasing employee productivity and effectiveness
  • Increasing applicant and tenant Web access
  • Providing a single repository for all company data by eliminating redundant data entry between applications
  • Automating manual reporting, shifting from paper-based processes towards online electronic processes
  • Tracking inventory of personal property and equipment.

We recommended a new Web-based Cloud application, which was as easy to learn, quick to use, and as efficient as

Project Timeline:
  • Requirements, RFP, proposal evaluation and vendor selection: five months
  • Implementation: Configuration, data migration, pilot, testing, training, launch: seven months

The Impact:

“The combination of SaaS and Cloud technology provided the company with the flexibility to scale up or down. Best of all, the same system worked for all of them, wherever they were, whether the property management was handled in-house or was outsourced.”

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