The Company:

A Fortune-250 insurance company acquired a privately held wealth management company to merge with its existing division.

The Problem:

Both companies served as independent financial advisors and provided these advisors with access to systems and applications enjoyed by wire-house firms like Schwab and Goldman Sachs. Company leaders sought to integrate two national sales teams using three different sales applications.

However, both companies were using different versions of Siebel systems, and suffered low user adoption due to poor initial implementations and difficult access from the field.

The Solution:

We deployed, an industry-leading Customer Relationship Management system, which was customized to their unique sales process, then integrated it with multiple back-end systems to drive billing and revenue, as well as a turnkey asset management platform (TAMP), and reporting. This customized configuration and workflow reinforced their new combined sales process.

The Impact:

Sales activity and the pipeline are now always visible to the sales and executive management teams. The field sales team now has mobile access and the other tools they requested to be more productive, including mapping and real-time information on service issues.

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