The Company:

A legal publisher serving the California market.

The Problem:

Picture this: A maze of connecting rooms in an old warehouse district; no connection between the warehouse and the main office other than the telephone and the city streets; shipping manifests printed overnight and transported by car the next day.

Worst of all, according to long-standing practice, a 10-day window to ship orders to customers was considered “acceptable.”

The Solution:

Now picture this: A modern building, tall ceilings, and high-density storage systems running bar-coded inventory control and automation systems to speed pick-and-pack processes.
This company now boasts a direct connection to its order entry system: within moments of an order being placed, it is transferred in real-time to the shipping center. New plant, new equipment, new software, new processes, new results.

The Impact:

Radically accelerated shipping time, with virtually all of their products shipped within 24 hours and nearly half are even shipped same day, boosting customer satisfaction and speeding collections. Icing on the cake: a 20% reduction in annual lease costs

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