Technology strategy starts with your business strategy. What are your organizational strengths? Where do you want your business to go? How can your information assets fuel that journey? What combination of technology and process can leverage the talent and capacity of your people? What investment will enable your teams to increase your success in reaching your market?

How it works:
  • Vision: With your Board and executive leaders, explore and confirm overall business strategy and aspirations.
  • Foundation: With operating teams, identify core business functions to be supported.
  • Opportunity: Analyze, evaluate, and define opportunities to innovate and to leverage. information assets and business processes to yield high-impact results.
  • Plan: An optimal solution is a series of projects: smaller bets with faster results, avoiding the risks on a one-time, bet-the-company effort.
  • Execute: A continual process with clear accountability, frequent monitoring, assessment, and recalibration.
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