Developing Technology Strategies

Technology strategy starts with your business strategy. What are your organizational strengths? Where do you want your business to go? How can your information assets fuel that journey? What combination of technology and process can leverage the talent and capacity of your people? What investment will enable your teams to increase your success in reaching your market?
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Commercial Software Selection & Implementation

Pivotal Consulting delivers software solutions that optimize your operations. Our deep expertise in operations, finance, and information technology provides a unique vision to advance your mission. Unlike software vendors who try to fit you to their product, we find the solution that best fits you.
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Typical Phases, Activities and Deliverables

Pivotal tailors its approach based on the specific needs of each client and each particular project. Typical phases, activities, and deliverables include: Assessment & Planning, Requirements, Vendor Selection, and Implementation Management.
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Project Duration

Project duration will vary, depending on both the overall project scope, the complexity, and the extent of time internal client resources can devote to the project.
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Custom Software Design and Development

Software is rarely created in a vacuum; typically, custom solutions are required to provide feature or functionality that is missing in the other applications in use. We draw on our extensive experience with cloud platforms and on-premise software products to design a custom solution that fits seamlessly with the other applications you use.
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We not only design software to fit your precise needs, we also employ the software development methodology to fit your specific goals.
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