Pivotal tailors its approach based on the specific needs of each client and each particular project. Typical phases, activities, and deliverables include:

Project Phase: Assessment & Planning

Activities & Deliverables
  • Project plan
  • Change management plan
  • Risk management plan

Project Phase: Requirements

Activities & Deliverables
  • Business strategy and objectives
  • Pain points of current situation
  • Detailed functional requirements:
  • Use cases
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Report requirements

Project Phase: Vendor Selection

Activities & Deliverables
  • Vendor identification and market research
  • Request For Proposal document
  • Proposal evaluation and recommendation
  • Contract negotiation

Project Phase: Implementation Management

Activities & Deliverables
  • Design confirmation
  • Configuration
  • Data migration
  • System test and acceptance
  • Training
  • Deployment / Launch
  • Operations support
  • Project closure and sign-off
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